Parking systems

The parking lot – a profitable business

Paid parking is an integral part of our life and it is difficult to imagine a big city without a modern well-organized parking space. It brings income to the owner of the parking lot, contributes to the creation of a quality urban environment and becomes an independent business industry.

Parking equipment is used to create automation systems for parking lots. The latter can be municipal, shopping or office centers, residential or hotel complexes, sports facilities or schools.

Should you want the venture to be profitable, it is not enough to build a parking lot, but to equip it with a modern automation and control system as well.

SmartPark – the complex solution

SmartPark is our answer to this task. This is a complex parking system, compliant with all modern and legal requirements for automation, control and management of parking lots.

Based on many years of experience,ANDY offers to its customers competent design, optimal choice of the technical solution, qualified installation of the equipment and service during operation.

The comprehensive approach makes a parking lot a profitable business, and its use comfortable and safe.

Parking modules

Depending on its scope and purpose, Smart Park can cover:

  • Еntry and exit terminal - Access to the parking area is granted through a variety of methods, including scanning the vehicle number plate, using a chip, presenting a ticket, or utilizing a mobile application.
  • Payment terminal - Payment is possible by cash and card at the terminals  or through scanning a QR code. Additionally, visitors could pay at the exit column the parking facility with a contactless card.
  • Help point module - The system allows for 24/7 connectivity with an operator at the entrance, exit, or payment terminals.
  • Management and billing software - The software facilitates remote configuration of tariffs and free periods, tracking of parking duration, user administration, management of categories and zones, setting usage conditions, implementing a multi-tenant management system, generating reports, and providing additional functionalities.

Customer reviews

"Our plant is secure thanks to ANDY-BG. Their competent and prompt maintenance work on our fire detection and fire extinguishing systems gives us the desired security and piece of mind."

Zobele Bulgaria

"ANDY-BG, in the role of a systems integrator in the maintenance project for our fire extinguishing system at “Passenger terminal of Plovdiv airport for local and international flights”, always completes all work with high level of quality, which guarantees everyone’s security on the territory of the airport."

Plovdiv airport

"ANDY-BG maintains our fire detection system. Our mutually beneficial cooperation is based on ANDY’s professionalism, competency and promptness in all service calls."

Vinprom Peshtera

"WANDY-BG completes the contractual duties in the role of a systems integrator for our fire detection, fire extinguishing and gas signalization systems, by ensuring competent and prompt reaction to any technical issues whenever they arise."

Galaxy property group

"We are highly satisfied with the professional attitude, expertise and the services provided, and we recommend ANDY BG company as a reliable and honest partner."


"The professionalism and responsibility of the employees of ANDY BG Ltd. in the performance of their contractual obligations, guarantee safe operation of the fire alarm system and are the basis of our fruitful cooperation."


"Since 2011 ANDI has been building and maintaining the security systems on the territory of BMF Port Burgas. The company is an excellent business partner with competent experts and loyal employees."

BMF Port Burgas EAD

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