Structural cable systems


Structured cabling systems (SCSs) act as a network of highways for information flows. Their stability and capacity ensure the optimal running of business processes. Nowadays the importance of a reliable local information network is undeniable, as the downtime due to damage or malfunction could lead to significant losses. On the contrary, its stable operation is a necessary condition for the financial success of each company.

With effective engineering and meticulous execution, structured cabling systems can serve as a long-term solution. Their remarkable durability stems from their inherent flexibility, enabling seamless adaptation to the ever-evolving demands of businesses, such as accommodating a growing workforce and expanding portfolios. The standardization of components and materials employed in constructing these systems facilitates effortless integration of additional equipment. Consequently, regardless of technological advancements or changes in equipment, various modules can be effortlessly incorporated or removed from the installation, ensuring optimal scalability and future-proofing.

Versatility and flexibility

The defining characteristic of SCSs is their universality. They provide a single medium for the transmission of data, telephone, video and audio signals and make the integration of fire extinguishing and security alarm systems possible. The adoption of structured cabling during the design and construction of any building allows for the automation of a variety of processes including access control, process management and even monitoring.

In the Security field, the use of network interface has become a standard feature of many devices such as IP cameras and recorders, DVRs, fire alarm control panels, etc.  This enables the remote management and monitoring of security systems and thus optimises company resources.

The flexibility of structured cabling allows for the quick and easy change of the type of signals, the devices connected to the network, the workplace applications, as well as any configuration of active equipment within the existing system.


A high-quality structured cabling system is the result of first-rate components, professional design and skilled installation. Although it may require a greater initial investment, this upfront cost is swiftly balanced by reduced operating expenses and the mitigation of losses caused by downtime. Recognizing the vital role that cable networks play in contemporary buildings, it is imperative that they exhibit robust longevity. In essence, it is crucial to construct the SCS with a comprehensive understanding of its interconnectedness with other systems, while also envisioning its seamless adaptability for future advancements.

Customer reviews

"Our plant is secure thanks to ANDY-BG. Their competent and prompt maintenance work on our fire detection and fire extinguishing systems gives us the desired security and piece of mind."

Zobele Bulgaria

"ANDY-BG, in the role of a systems integrator in the maintenance project for our fire extinguishing system at “Passenger terminal of Plovdiv airport for local and international flights”, always completes all work with high level of quality, which guarantees everyone’s security on the territory of the airport."

Plovdiv airport

"ANDY-BG maintains our fire detection system. Our mutually beneficial cooperation is based on ANDY’s professionalism, competency and promptness in all service calls."

Vinprom Peshtera

"WANDY-BG completes the contractual duties in the role of a systems integrator for our fire detection, fire extinguishing and gas signalization systems, by ensuring competent and prompt reaction to any technical issues whenever they arise."

Galaxy property group

"We are highly satisfied with the professional attitude, expertise and the services provided, and we recommend ANDY BG company as a reliable and honest partner."


"The professionalism and responsibility of the employees of ANDY BG Ltd. in the performance of their contractual obligations, guarantee safe operation of the fire alarm system and are the basis of our fruitful cooperation."


"Since 2011 ANDI has been building and maintaining the security systems on the territory of BMF Port Burgas. The company is an excellent business partner with competent experts and loyal employees."

BMF Port Burgas EAD

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