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PRO E-45

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PRO E-45
Without VAT 490.00€

PIR sensor for outdoor installation as perimeter protection with a range up to 50m, detection zone - lеnght up to 50m and width 3,3m, angle 3,8°, Near Surrounding Area Surveillance from -1m up to +8m, 360PROtect, installation from 2,5 up to 4m, HDPE filter, 3 free programmable outputs 60VDC, 75mА max, 3D tamper with compass, integrated interface for remote maintenance of detector settings or monitoring, RS-485, minimum false alarm thanks to the DSP technology and adaptive detection scheme, working temperature from -20°C up to +60°C, IP65, included bracket with free space for the cable, dimensions 358x188x290mm, power supply 10.5-30VDC, 18mA@12VDC, 12mA@24VDC, 24VAC/30mA.